Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Webcomic Wednesday #2 (Mini): The Zombie Hunters

Type: Unfolding dreamscape, sort of
By: Jenny Romanchuk
Self-described as: "At first this comic was a private story for my friends and I, it was loosely based off of a dream I had that was highly amusing, so one day I decided to make a comic about it, just something for fun. Months later I posted a few pages online and other people came to like it."

In a world where humanity has fought the... right, I already explained that. The comic follows the lively misadventures of a group of people who must search through the ruins of civilization for anything that might be of value to the small community of survivors. Unfortunately for the living, some of them have a passive viral infection that will cause them to reanimate upon death. These include dream-Jenny and her friends (though she says in the site's FAQ that the characters have substantially mutated from their real-life origins and "grew into their own people, as characters should." It must be touching to watch yourself grow up into a strong young adult in a cartoon apocalypse

They are accompanied by a wholly fictitious individual named Charlie, a man who was a zombie but who was later revived - though at great cost. Together, they search through a dead world in fear, because the passive infection they carry with them does not grant them immunity from swift, certain death if they are bitten.

Romanchuk's world - teetering on a wire between comedy and wretchedness - has a feeling of permanent unease. The infected (as the comic sampled above indicates) are made to wear marked tags and brassards so that they can be distinguished from the healthy. In the complicated world of The Zombie Hunters, there are many different types of living, as well as many different types of dead.

That, unfortunately, leads me to my only major criticism of this strip: you have to go through all of Romanchuk's notes ( this being only the section on the living) in order to actually have a real grasp of what's going on - something I regretfully confess I lost long ago. It's a fascinating world - but a confusing one.

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