Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dig Deep

Normally we use the blog for random stuff, but this is more like news, because it concerns the comic itself.

When Kuurion finally sold me on the outline for what eventually became Our World, he had a small handful of characters, a fantastic premise, and an initial plot arc. Beyond that, he wanted me to write the story.

I'm sort of bound in what I can say next because there's a lot of stuff that needs to be kept secret. On the other hand, you can only be mysterious so much before it becomes a stumbling block. But: The premise of this world, as defined by him and fleshed out by me, implies a vast and sweeping scope involving many times and places.

So many times and places they won't all fit in one comic.

Right now, we're in the pre-production stages for bonus comics. Multiple bonus comics. There had been minor back and forth between Kuurion and myself on the subject, but a few weeks ago I actually sat down and hammered out some storylines.

There are three or four in consideration; the two we're looking at hardest right now are set well before "Our World." The working titles are "Nu" and "Cobalt Country." The third one doesn't have a name, and the fourth one is another side of the existing story Kuurion wanted to maybe tell separately.

In many ways, bonus arcs will be a relief to me - and probably Kuurion, too - because there's a lot of story here and due to limitations we have to drip it out one page a week. Kuurion's told me a couple of times he can't go faster than that. Bonus arcs would change that dramatically.

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