Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Babelfish Presents: The Raven

My girlfriend came up with this one. Take a piece of well-known literature, use Yahoo's (formerly Alta Vista's) Babelfish engine to translate it to traditional Chinese, and feed the result back into it and make it English again. The result will bend your brain.

Now: Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven". I did what I could to format it.

One time is dreary in the midnight, but I considered, weak and is deficient bothersomely,
in the knowledge which forgot many classically elegant and the curious capacity,
when I nodded, takes a nap nearly, there came to pat suddenly,
rapped gently from somebody, rapped in mine room gate.
" ' Tis certain visitors, " I mumbled, " Pats in mine room gate;
Only this and not any more."

, I remembered clearly that it is in bleak in December,
and each separated death's coal cinders process its ghost in the floor.
I wish the next day earnestly; I am proud seek borrow
from am sorrowful I book surcease, loses Lenore sorrow.
Regarding says name angel Lenore rare and light shining in all directions unmarried,
nameless here forever.

And the fibroin sad does not decide rustle makes a sound each purple curtain
to be excited I---The intention could not think the terror filled me before had not felt;
Therefore now, still my heart whipped, I have stood repeatedly,
" ' Tis entrance which pleads in mine room gate's some visitors,
pleads the entrance in mine room gate's some deceased visitors.
This it is and not any more."

At present my soul grows is stronger; Hesitation then no longer,
" " Gentleman; Said I, " Or forgives madame, I implore really you;
But the fact is, I take a nap, and you have come the rap that gently,
and you came to pat that weakly, patted in mine room gate,
deficient I affirmed that I have heard you." I extend hit opened the door;
--- Dark there and anything have not been more.

Deep nightfall dark staring, was long I to stand there, wanted to know, the frightened suspicion,
had a dream does not make the humanity to dare before had a dream;
But silent is complete, and static has not given the symbol,
and the there speech's only word is the whisper word,
Lenore? My whisper this, and echo private word,
" Lenore! " Merely this and anything have not been more.

Returns to room which rotates, possesses my soul fever in me,
I very quick heard to pat loudly again, before something compared,
" Definitely, " Said I, " Definitely, that is something in mine window check.
Let me look, then, anything in there is and this mystery exploration.
Let my heart was still the moment, and this mystery exploration.
" ' Tis wind and not any more."

Opened here me to throw the shutter, with many flirted person resonance oscillation wing,
in there stride dignified plundering, holy day in the past.
Does is not least salutes he; Was not one minute stopped or paused him;
But with mien your excellency or madame, perches above mine room gate.
Perches in the Pallas bust, above my room gate,
perches with sits with nothing.

Then cheats my sad fancy this ebony bird to enter the smile,
serious and severe was appropriate it by the support to wear,
" Though the thy crown is the trim and you who blows, " I said that " Definitely art not timid,
ghastly and fearful, grim and ancient plundering, strolls from each night of shore.
Tells me any arrogant name is in Night' s becomes deeply shore."
Quoth plundering, " Nevermore."

My surprised this ugly domestic animal hears the lecture that simply,
although its answer little meaning, little relevant disturbance;
Regarding us cannot be out of control to agree that has not survived the human
to bless with seeing in above his room gate bird,
in is carved bust's bird or the wild animal above his room gate,
such name look like " Nevermore."

But plunders, sits that serene bust remotely, only spoke that word,
probably he that word soul which pours out in him. More further any he then had not said;
Was not the feather he however the after vibration wing;
Mumbles deficient until I more ratios, " Other friends before flies;
Next day he will leave behind me, my hope flew before."
Then the bird said that " Nevermore."

The shock breaks in the reply static that easy to speak,
" Without doubt, " Said I, " Any it says is its only stock and the store,
seizes from some not joyful master, not the mercy disaster
fast followed and follows fast, his song burden disturbance,
--- Disturbs " until his hope elegy melancholy burden;

But still cheated possesses my sad soul the plundering into smile,
I rotate directly in front of bird's by the cushion seat and the bust and the gate;
Then, in the submersion, I betook to the connection velvet fancy fancy,
thought anything in the past this only unlucky bird--
Anything this was only in the past grim, ugly, ghastly and fearful, thin and the unlucky bird meant that in
" which quack quack calls; Nevermore."

Therefore I have sat the participation guess,
but does not have the syllable expression to the domestic animal,
the fiery eye burns into my bosom' now; s core;
This and were more I to sit has divined, head relaxed leaned against comfortablely with me in cushion' the s velvet lining light gazes at o'
Not, but light gaze's o' Velvet violet lining;
Not she according to, definitely no longer!

Then, methought, the air grows is more crowded, fills the incense burner swing
which the fragrance never sees by the sound of footsteps to install ying
on the ball floor to send dingdong the sound six wing angel.
" Unfortunate person, " I sob, " thy God hath has borrowed thee -- He hath
has delivered the thee respite by these angels---From Lenore thy memory respite with nepenthe!
Quaff, O quaff this kind nepenthe, with forgot this loses Lenore! "
Quoth plundering, " Definitely no longer! "

" Prophet! " Said I, " Evil matter! --Prophet still, if bird or devil!
Whether the tempter is delivered, or whether ashore here is played tricks on the storm thee,
causes bleak, all brave, in this desert land which confuses-- In puzzled by terror this family--
Tells me really, I implore: Has--Has in the Gilead balsam?
--Tells me--Tells me who I implore! "
Quoth plundering, " Nevermore."
" Prophet! " Said I, " Evil matter --Prophet still, if bird or devil!
By above us curving that heaven--Both of us worship by that God--
Tells fills the sorrowful this soul which loads, if, in remote Aidenn,
it will fasten tightly into the sage unmarried, says name angel Lenore---
Fastens tightly rare and light shining in all directions unmarried, says name angel Lenore?
Quoth plundering, " Nevermore."

" Is that word our division, the bird or the devil symbol! " I screamed, upstarting--
" Obtains thee to return to the storm and Night' s becomes deeply shore!
Leaves does not have the black feather to take that symbol rumor thy the soul hath speech!
Leaves me lonely complete! -- Gives up in above mine gate bust!
Brings thy to exit from mine heart's beak, and adopts thy from mine gate form! "
Quoth plundering, " Nevermore."

And plunders, never passed over gently and swiftly, still sat, still sat,
in Pallas not is angry above bust my room gate;
And his eye has all as if demon' Has a dream s.
And light o' He does not emit throws him on floor's shadow;
And I from will lie the float to lift on floor's that shadow soul---
Definitely no longer!

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