Friday, April 4, 2014

The Gradual Joke

I get my weather news from a site called the Weather Underground which, yes, is named after the revolutionary group from the 1960s. On April 1, I noticed that their logo - a cloud floating over a rainbow - was falling down. Back again today, I noticed that stick men had come to clean it up. At this point I took notice of the fact that the logo files are numbered. With that knowledge, I was able to see the entire procession of events. I'm sharing it with you because I think it's clever that this tiny little drama is unfolding at the top of the page each day.

Here's the original logo (well, an archive copy from Wikipedia with the old font):

And here's the unfolding saga, which officially hasn't completed as of this writing:

The logo updates stop there; there is no 16th panel to the story. I assume that by the middle of the month, the logo will be unveiled in its full glory, something I suspect will closely resemble the old Macromedia Shockwave Flash logo that disappeared around 2005 or so. Still, since the logo they're retiring literally goes back to 1997, that's a definite improvement all the same. Good on you, guys.

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